Music at Saints Peter and Paul’s

Director of Music – Dr Rhoda Dullea

Saints Peter and Paul’s specialises in Gregorian Chant.  The advantage of Gregorian Chant, apart from its long pedigree as a type of church music, is that it is relatively easy to learn even for those who have no formal training in singing. Gregorian Chant is sung at the 12noon Mass at Saints Peter and Paul’s every Sunday with the exceptions of the months of July and August. The Gregorian Schola is the name of the choir that sings at that Mass. New members are always welcome and, if people would join the Schola please the parish office (Telephone 021 4276573) and leave a message for the Director of Music to contact you

Music Programme

The Ordinary and Proper parts of the Mass are sung to Gregorian chant as set forth in the Liber Usualis of 1962. Any additions and exceptions appear below.