COVID-19 and Public Masses

Date of Notice: 26th July 2020.

Updated: 28th August 2020.

In accordance with Irish government public health guidelines, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul’s recommenced public weekday Masses on Thursday 2nd July 2020. On Saturday 4th July 2020, a public 6pm Vigil Mass also recommenced. On Sunday 5th July 2020, a public 10am Irish Mass and public 12noon Traditional Latin Mass also recommenced. Social distancing measures are in place at all these Masses and people are requested to sit only in seats that are marked for that purpose. People are also requested to note and follow other relevant signs, entrances and exits and to use the hand sanitiser provided both on entering and leaving the church.

In relation to the 7pm Mass on Sundays: The parish regrets it is not in a position to recommence this Mass until further notice. The parish is obliged to take this decision for two reasons. Firstly, it is not possible to provide adequate social distancing within the church for all people who habitually attend the Sunday 7pm Mass. The second reason is that the parish does not wish to be selective at the entrance and turn people away or operate advance seat reservation for attendance at that Mass. The parish thanks you for your understanding of the difficult situation it finds itself in relation to the 7pm Sunday Mass at the present time and which it regrets deeply. Confessions usually scheduled at 6.30pm on Sundays will also not recommence until return of the 7pm Sunday Mass.